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KD2X3 was a vocal band. We sang together since May 1999 until the end of 2001.

The KD2X3 repertory included original pieces, jazz standards, pop-rock, folk music, negro spirituals…

Its members were Pep Alarcón Pinya (conductor), Guillem Gelabert Deià, Toni Salvà Andreu, David Sánchez Crespillo, Sílvia Girón Llull, Xisca Campins Bibiloni and Marga Cloquell Ferretjans.


KD2X3 recorded a demo CD during May 2001, called “Ben entonats”. in the Ona Digital recording studios, under the guidance of Miquel Brunet. The songs are available at the following links:


During its activity period, KD2X3 performed in a number of concerts. An incomplete list follows:

With other choirs

Solo concerts