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Languages: Spanish (Native), Catalan (Native), English (C2), French (B2).


  • Construyendo la web de un Instituto de Educación Secundaria (April 2008)

    David Sánchez Crespillo

    Congrés Internacional Virtual d’Educació CIVE 2008 (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

  • Visualization for cooperative architecture design system (November 2002)

    Yuhua Luo - Sanchez, D. - Bennasar, A. - Fornes, J. - Serra, J.C. - Huescar, J.M.

    Sixth International Conference on Information Visualisation, 2002. Proceedings.

  • A Remote Cooperative Desing System Using Interactive 3D Graphics (January 2001)

    Luo, L.; Galli, R.; Sánchez, D.; Bennàsar, A.; Fornés, J.; Serra, J. C.; Huéscar, J. M.; Gayà, J.

    001289 - International Journal of Image and Graphics Vol: 1 Number: 1. Pages: 153 to 167 (Singapore)

  • A Cooperative Architecture Design System via Communication Network (August 2000)

    Yuhua Luo, Ricardo Galli, David Sánchez, Antonio Bennassar, Antonio Carlos Almeida, Miguel Dias

    8th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building (Stanford University, Silicon Valley, CA, USA.)

  • Implementation of Mechanisms for Concurrent 3D Design and Visualization (July 2000)

    David Sánchez Crespillo, Antonio Francisco Bennasar Obrador, Ricardo Galli Granada and Yuhua Luo

    IEEE/International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV2000). London (United Kingdom)

  • The Multi-Site 3D Editing Tool For Architectural Production Integration (April 2000)

    David Sánchez, Toni Bennasar, Juan Fornés, Ricardo Galli, Juan Manuel Huéscar, Juan Carlos Serra, Yuhua Luo, Manuel Gamito, Miguel Dias, Marc Albiol, Juan Arias

    ESPRIT Project No. 26287 M3D, Deliverable 2.1. EC

  • Sistema Cooperativo de Diseño en 3D (December 1999)

    Yuhua Luo, Ricardo Galli, David Sánchez, Juan Fornés, Antonio Bennasar, Juan Carlos Serra, Juan Manuel Huéscar, Josep Gayà

    I Seminario del Programa Nacional de Aplicaciones y Servicios Telemáticos (SPAST-I). Pamplona (Spain)

  • Un editor 3D interactivo para trabajo cooperativo (June 1999)

    David Sánchez Crespillo, Ricardo Galli, Yuhua Luo

    IX Congreso Español de Informática Gráfica. Jaén (Spain)

  • M3D technical specifications (April 1999)

    R.Galli, Y. Luo, D. Sánchez, S. Alves, M. Dias, R. Marques, A. Almeida, J. Silva, J. Manuel, B. Tummers

    ESPRIT Project No. 26287 M3D, Deliverable 1.2

  • M3D Prototype (April 1999)

    Marco Moita, Sérgio Alves, Renato Marques, Manuel Gamito, Jorge Silva, José Manuel Fonseca, Miguel Vilar, Ricardo Galli, David Sanchez, Yuhua Luo

    ESPRIT Project No. 26287 M3D, Deliverable 1.5

Master Thesis

PDF Icon Desarrollo de técnicas cooperativas para un editor de objetos 3D (in Spanish)

Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Engineer in Computer Science, in the University of the Balearic Islands. Directed by the professors Ricardo Galli Granada and Yuhua Luo. Defended on 20 October 2000. Awarded with honors.

Abstract: Development of cooperative techniques for a 3D editor.

Development of cooperative techniques for the editing of 3D objects, by applying and extending the Mu3D high level protocol. These techniques are applied to the basic operations of an architecture-oriented 3D editor. The operations include: Concurrency control, data management, basic editing (object insertion and deletion, interactive geometric transformation, material editing and lightning parameters), clipboard operations and undo.

The system implements a completely distributed architecture, and uses JESP, a cooperative work support platform, which deals with the session and group communication management. On this platform, the M3D Editor, an interactive architecture-oriented 3D editor, is executed.

The special features of the 3D data (high amount of data, need of fast interactive visualization) require to provide local access to the data. Due to this, data are replicated on each workstation, following a paradigm called distributed shared memory with active replication.

Data replication makes necessary keeping its consistency on all the replicas. Every modification on the replicated data has to be notified to the rest of users. On the other hand, notification messages should be as small as possible, to allow updates at interactive speed.

The concurrent access control is implemented using an implicit locking system, based on selections of the 3D objects.