Things you do in summer

Or "how I learned to stop worrying and getting some things done".

Every year, before summer vacation, you usually fantasize about how many things you are going to have the time to do: Build the next great web application, record hours of music in your little home studio, learn how to play an exotic instrument… You name it.

In my case, I fantasize a lot during the year, but my real accomplishments are much more limited (if there is any). I always set irrealistic expectations about the available time, and the final result is not much different from procrastination. Reality is obstinate.

This summer, however, besides the usual housekeeping tasks you do during this period of the year, I managed to get some things done: I put together a couple of “web projects” and some music. Even if they are not perfect at all here they are:

  • Labas Rytas, a Drupal-based website containing some resources for learning Lithuanian.
  • LTFeeds, an Angular-base web application to read some feeds. For this particular instance, I have used feeds from Lithuanian media (yes, I am learning some Lithuanian!).
  • Retalls, “trimmings” in Catalan, some old and new amateurish music.

I am not particularly proud of the result (don’t be too harsh with them!), but I am really happy of having managed to “launch” them. There will be plenty of time to improve them in the future, maybe next summer…